Welcome to Katherine’s Art TV!

I hope you’re here because you want to learn to paint, because you love to paint and want to experiment with new media or techniques or just because you’re ready to explore your creative spark! :)

There are a number of free videos here, and you may have found them originally on youtube or other social media, but this is the place to get more.  Full videos (45 minutes or more) are available by subscription or purchase.  The subscription is meant to keep the costs low and give you more than “watch it once” access.  I’m constantly working on new videos and have just begun to build a library of content around learning to paint and draw.

While I started with drawing, I now work in watercolor, pastel, acrylic and scratchbord, and I’ll share all of that with you.  To check out the free videos, click here. If you’re ready for more, please register here, and select the membership level you are comfortable with.  If you have more questions, feel free to contact me.  And for sure, happy painting!

The Members only areas are under development, however, the watercolor section is now open, though there is only one video in it right now.  It is a full demonstration of painting layers in watercolor, on Yupo paper.  This is a rather advanced process..not recommended for beginners.  That said,  purchasing membership at a 6 month or more option, will give you access automatically to any and all new videos posted in that category.  Ready to join?  Go for it.  I’ll work hard to keep you learning! :)