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Learn to Draw

Hello, and welcome!  I’m Katherine, and I’m working on a full fledged video course in drawing and painting. You can read more about me on the “About Katherine” page, but to get a FREE taste of some of the upcoming content, check out the various videos here. This one is an introduction to my drawing method, The Shape Memory Method ™.  It is actually taken from my DVD, “How to Paint a Poppy that Pops”.

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THE place to Learn ART!

It’s taken me longer than I thought, but I’m pouring all my best into it!  There’s nothing more exciting to me than when a student says, “WOW! I actually DID IT!’  When a student brings me work to evaluate and I see growth and development it puts a smile on my face!

We are made creative.  It’s in you, but perhaps you haven’t found it.  Maybe you find your creative genius in music, or dance.  Don’t think you can “do it all”!  You may always excel at one more than another, but the satisfaction of releasing that timeless flow is immense.

So… join me and explore all the ways to find your creative spark here.  The site will go live soon….Everything you find here right now is FREE.  Put your email in here and you’ll get advance notice of the full opening of Katherine’s Art TV!