This is a full 47 minute video, so allow time for it to load, particularly if you don’t have DSL or faster internet service.

In this video, is the full process of painting watercolor on Yupo paper.  If you are not familiar with Yupo, it is a synthetic paper, rather slick, and the paint sits ON TOP of the paper, and does not soak in, as it does with conventional watercolor paper.  That makes layering going in on top of dried paint on Yupo, lifts the paint, even though it is dry.  You’ll see in the video how I use that feature intentionally, and how I manage to layer color on this challenging but fun to use surface.  Yupo paper can be purchased at most well stocked Art Supply stores or online at ; or

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I highly recommend watching the full video through at least once, before you pull out your paints.  For discussion of paints and colors, see the FREE videos.    Have fun, take your time and remember to let it dry between layers!