Whew, it’s been a marathon of about 72 hours, but wowzers the progress I’ve made thanks to the wonderful new product (WishList Member) I’m using.  That said, it is absolutely astonishing to me what a very long journey this has been.  If you know me, you know I balance a crazy lot of jobs, tasks, endeavors and passions.  Well, really one passion, but it has many routes of expression and there is always the need to stay grounded (or try to).  The biggest challenge with this whole project is two-fold: editing video and fine-tuning the “membership” aspects of this site.  I’m determined to get it done, but if you have expertise with the fine-tuning aspect, perhaps you should contact me!  I can’t do it all, no matter how much I tend to think I can!  At the moment, I’m just happy for the quiet, for the sound of rain on my roof and the moment to get back to this task. Oh, and quiet, thanks, in large part, to the Thundershirt!