I’m making headway….but before I go on, I want to welcome you to this new site! Together we will explore the wonderful world of Art…and how to create it for yourself! All of the videos here right now are FREE for your perusal and growth. Spend a few minutes, read the posts, watch the videos…and please, let me hear from you.  Post a comment, say hello, and let me know what you’d like to see in a video, are you skeptical?  A beginner, or have you been painting/drawing for a while but find you’re stuck somewhere, or just need a new way to do something!   Let me know!

Coming soon, will be a full 26 week (or more ) course. Videos in learning to Draw, learning toPaint with watercolor or…both! Be sure to fill in your email to get first notice when we go live!

Learn to Draw

Hello, and welcome!  I’m Katherine, and I’m working on a full fledged video course in drawing and painting. You can read more about me on the “About Katherine” page, but to get a FREE taste of some of the upcoming content, check out the various videos here. This one is an introduction to my drawing method, The Shape Memory Method ™.  It is actually taken from my DVD, “How to Paint a Poppy that Pops”.

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